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The main factor that sets our recovery program apart from the rest is our dedication to accessibility and being able to quickly assist men, women, and families in need of addiction treatment.

On Call Treatment — Who Are We?

Our core mission is to be a comprehensive and highly personalized program of addiction treatment in Massachusetts, designed to help men and women of all ages overcome substance abuse in the most stress-free and convenient way possible. We understand how difficult it can be to step away from your busy daily life and commit to a long-term program of addiction treatment. In most cases, traditional clinical care includes inpatient medical detox, residential drug and alcohol rehab and a long-term program of aftercare.

At On Call Treatment, we believe that effective and quality clinical care should be accessible the moment you need it. The traditional, multi-phased continuum of care is not right for everyone. We treat men and women anytime and anywhere, either in-person, virtually or over the phone. We are a team of experienced, compassionate and knowledgeable professionals who are dedicated to making recovery accessible regardless of your personal circumstances.

About On Call Treatment

On Call Treatment Center —
What Sets Us Apart

At On Call Treatment, we offer alternative treatment options to individuals and families who have been affected by substance abuse and are in need of professional care as quickly as possible. During this unprecedented time, many individuals are more apprehensive than ever before about checking themselves into a medical detox facility or inpatient rehab. In response to this widespread concern we have developed a unique recovery program centered around flexibility and adaptability.

A solution-focused recovery program is waiting for you

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, between 40 and 60 percent of individuals who receive treatment for a substance abuse disorder end up relapsing. This is generally because they do not commit to a long-term aftercare program, and they do not employ the life skills, relapse prevention tools and healthy coping mechanisms they learned while in inpatient treatment.

Not only does On Call Treatment provide accessible therapeutic care, but we offer ongoing aftercare services to make sure that all of our clients are staying on the right track in their recovery. It is far easier for clients to stay on the right path when they can rest assured that professional guidance and support is just a phone call (or a video chat) away.

Accessible & Professional Addiction Treatment

An unfortunate amount of men and women do not ever seek the professional care they need, either because they remain unaware of the extensive recovery-related resources that are available to them or because they believe that in order to get sober they must commit to a long-term, inpatient recovery plan. We understand how difficult it can be to completely break away from your personal responsibilities. This is especially true of men and women who are the sole caretakers of dependents or who have a high-powered career that they cannot take a three month-long hiatus from.

Not only are our in-person, over the phone or virtual services available to individuals who have been struggling with substance abuse, but to their family members as well. Healing as a unit is important to the maintenance of long-term sobriety. We work to restore healthy family functioning to families that have been ravaged by the reality of active addiction. Our main goal is to provide comprehensive clinical care to men and women in the state of Massachusetts and all surrounding areas – clinical care that they might not otherwise have access to.

Discover Recovery From Addiction

We understand that the rehabilitation process can be uncomfortable and difficult. At our premier treatment center, we will guide and support you towards a life of purpose that is free from substance abuse.
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