Family Program

Family Program

Over the last decade, addiction has developed into a real epidemic in the United States. In fact, the Department of Human and Health Services has even declared it as a public health emergency. Overdose deaths have risen and continue to rise, and it’s not just from opioids. Methamphetamine overdose deaths have risen as well. The need for effective treatment has never been greater than it is now.
Addiction affects the entire family; it is a family disease. This is why On Call Treatment has a family program for those who have been affected by the devastation that it causes. We believe that family is an important part of the recovery process.
Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Our Family Program

At On Call Treatment, we start by educating families on the disease of addiction. Being educated helps to break the stigma that comes along with this cruel disease. Some of the other topics we cover in our family program includes:
  • Setting boundaries, enabling, and codependency
  • Communication and family
  • Preventing relapse
  • Defense and denial mechanisms
  • Support groups like AA, NA, Al-Anon and other 12-step groups
  • The treatment process and understanding it
  • Preventing overdose and medication-assisted treatment
Addiction is a chronic and progressive disease that cannot be cured. It can successfully be treated and when the family comes together and gets involved in the treatment process, studies have shown that the addict suffering has a better chance at recovery. Addiction involves cycles of relapse and remission, but with family support it has been proven that the addict has longer terms of abstinence.

How Our Family Program Helps

Family members cannot stop their loved one from substance abuse, but being involved in the treatment process helps the family dynamic improve, helps the family heal, and helps family relationships to repair. Through family therapy family members can talk about their feelings and emotions which helps everyone to communicate more effectively.
Our family program will include individual and group therapy sessions with licensed professionals. When everyone gets to be involved in the care of their loved one, stress is greatly reduced and healthy coping strategies can be learned especially when anxiety and fear arise. Therapy also helps families learn how to effectively support their loved one while still taking care of themselves.
Changing negative interaction patterns improves conflict-resolution abilities and enables the family to work through the chaos of addiction. On Call Treatment’s family program will help you pick up the pieces and start rebuilding your life together.