Family Integration Program

Our Family Integration Program consists of allowing family to help you through the recovery process to mend any broken ties with loved ones.

When a person suffers from substance abuse, their focus may begin to take a narrow scope as they start to shift their sights and energy away from the most important aspects of their life and towards only the pursuit of finding and using their drug of choice. When their focus shifts, they will begin to neglect their responsibilities and let relationships deteriorate. Whether it is parents, siblings, or children who suffer because of this the relationships can be ruined and even fall apart altogether. This can cause resentments, negative emotions, blame, and feelings of loneliness and abandonment.

Family Integration Program

What is our Family Integration Program?

While every family is different, substance abuse and addiction by one family member affects the whole family dynamic. When a child or a parent has a substance abuse problem it can corrupt and even break some of the strings that tie the family together. When that person makes the courageous step to getting help for themselves, a family integration program can be an integral part of helping them, and the rest of their family heal.

If you decide to integrate your family into your treatment plan you can work towards fixing the damage done both to you and your family, work through negative thoughts, behaviors, and emotions, and replacing them with positive and healthy ones on both ends. A family integration program is unique too that can further develop and apply positive coping skills that you have learned during the program. This allows you to re-establish yourself positively in your family’s dynamic so that you can learn to heal together and work together as a family.

What Happens During Family Integration?

Substance abuse can place a heavy burden on a family and can make it very difficult to overcome. When a loved one is also, it can be easy for others around them to pass around blame and judgment. These can put a bad taste on an already delicate situation and drive the wedge into the family even further. We understand that these are normal responses to stressful and difficult situations, but we also know what a successful recovery rests on you and your family’s ability to overcome these obstacles and return to a strong family unit. We also can help you and your family point out unhealthy behaviors that could be setting you back in your progress or even making the addiction itself worse.

A family integration program can also help the family members to recognize a few things for themselves. It can help you by:

  • Realizing what you do and do not have control and responsibility for.
  • Confirm your needs and teach you how to take care of yourself rather than focusing all of your attention on your loved one stuck in the cycle of substance abuse.
  • Recognize and correct any unhealthy and negative communication patterns.
  • Point out ways in which you or your other family members may be enabling drug or alcohol use and teach you more healthy ways to support them.
  • Identify and overcome and family conflict.
  • Overcome the judgment and blame and begin to reforge trust.
  • Establish healthy boundaries.
  • Establish your family unit’s direction and work towards setting achievable goals.

Recreating healthy family support is most beneficial for the one suffering from substance abuse and addiction. Your loved one will have a better chance at a long-lasting life in recovery when they have their family’s support and love in their life.

The best way to begin supporting them is to learn about addiction. For you to give the strongest amount of support is to learn about addiction and the recovery process. Often, even though intentions are good, a family member may say or do something that may push a person in addiction even further away. This is because you may not fully understand the complexities of addiction.

Let On Call Treatment Help You

All of these things, and many more, are important and necessary when trying to rebuild relationships with your loved one. It doesn’t matter if it is a parent, child, sibling, spouse, or other family members, a family integration program allows you to meet in a safe space and work towards developing and growing together again.

If you or someone you love think you might benefit from a Family Integration Program, it’s important to talk with a healthcare provider or mental health professional who is trained in the approach. Contact On-Call Treatment to get the help you need.