Mindfulness and Meditation Therapy

We offer a variety of therapeutic addiction treatment services, including Mindfulness and Meditation Therapy for treating substance use disorders.

At On Call Treatment, we know that no two situations are the same, which is why we provide a highly individualized approach to comprehensive healing. In addition to Day Treatment and Intensive Outpatient treatment, we offer over-the-phone and virtual care, making receiving the help you need more convenient than ever before.

Our clinical facility is located in Waltham, Massachusetts, and serves men and women of all ages throughout the state and in all surrounding areas. Our experienced treatment professionals are available around the clock to assist men, women, and their families who have been affected by substance abuse disorders and who are looking for immediate intervention. 

Mindfulness / Meditation Therapy

What Is Mindfulness and Meditation?

We offer a variety of therapeutic services, including Mindfulness and Meditation Therapy. Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, also known as MBCT, is a method of psychotherapy that combines meditation, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness. Mindfulness refers to actively working towards living in the present moment while cultivating a non-judgmental mindset, ultimately accepting self and accepting others for exactly who and what they are. There are generally three main steps involved in MBCT, which include:

  • Step one: Slowing down and observing the experience that you are having. Asking yourself a variety of grounding questions, including, “How am I doing right now?” “What are my current surroundings?” “Am I safe?” 
  • Step two: Focusing on breathing. Slowing down the breath and focusing on breathing in and breathing out to a specific rhythm. 
  • Step three: Noticing the way that the body feels, and paying special attention to all physical sensations. 

Several additional MBCT techniques include meditation and mindfulness including yoga, sitting meditations, mindfulness oriented-stretching, and body scan exercises. 

Mindfulness Meditation and Addiction Recovery

Mindfulness and meditation have proven extremely effective in the treatment of substance abuse and dependency, and have been shown to have a wide variety of proven effects, including:

  • Stress-reduction 
  • Increased self-confidence coupled with  decreased self-consciousness
  • The ability to be present at the moment
  • The ability to work through uncomfortable feelings and emotions in a healthy and productive way
  • Working towards a non-judgmental mindset
  • The ability to work through fear
  • Becoming unstuck from the past and settling into the present

There is ample evidence pointing towards the fact that mindfulness meditation has a major positive impact on the physical body as well as the mind. Research shows that mindfulness meditation is good for the heart, reducing hypertension and blood pressure. Additional research shows that mindfulness prevents cognitive decline, and can even help prevent the development of Alzheimer’s and other degenerative brain diseases. We utilize mindfulness meditation as part of our comprehensive program of addiction recovery. 

Reach Out Today for Lasting Recovery

At On Call Treatment, our primary purpose is to help men and women of all ages and walks of life overcome substance abuse quickly, effectively, and in the most convenient way possible. We believe that professional clinical care should be readily available the moment you need it. We provide treatment in a variety of ways to make receiving the quality clinical care you need and deserve as straightforward as possible. In most cases, the traditional, multi-phased continuum of care includes medically monitored detox, inpatient rehab, and a thorough aftercare plan (which usually incorporates intensive outpatient or outpatient treatment).

 At On Call Treatment, we know that making your way through each of these recovery stages takes time – and sometimes, you need clinical care immediately. Sometimes, it is a matter of life or death. We offer in-person care, virtual care, and one-on-one phone calls with a licensed addiction specialist. No matter what you need, we are available to help. Reach out today to set up your initial assessment, and to begin your journey of long-term healing.