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How to Overcome the Fear of Opioid Withdrawal

How to Overcome the Fear of Opioid Withdrawal?

Most moments in life are temporary and that includes addiction. Recovery far exceed the discomfort you will experience during opioid detox. 

Opioid withdrawal is quite intimidating – in fact, the fear of opioid withdrawal keeps countless men and women sick and suffering. They might want to overcome a substance abuse disorder and go on to lead a happier and more fulfilling life, but they might be paralyzed by fear of experiencing the physical discomfort that goes hand-in-hand with detox. First, it is important to understand that medical detox facilities were specifically designed to help their clients undergo a pain-free withdrawal. 

Why Do People FEAR Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms So Much?

The main priority of medical detox centers is to provide clients with 24/7 access to medical care and any non-narcotic, pain-relieving medications they may need. If you are afraid of experiencing the pain that goes hand in hand with opioid withdrawal, rest assured that this pain will be 99% diminished. Any discomfort that you feel will be entirely temporary, and it will only last for several days at the most. Secondly, you must ask yourself what exactly you are afraid of. Are you afraid of the physical symptoms, which generally resemble the symptoms associated with a bad flu?

Are you afraid of the psychological symptoms, which can include depression, anxiety, insomnia, and drug cravings? Or, if you are honest with yourself, are you afraid of the prospect of never being able to do drugs or drink alcohol again? When people are completely honest with themselves, they generally find that their fear stems from something that they didn’t previously admit – or maybe even that they didn’t previously know. Take an honest and fearless look at what is scaring you and do what you can to go from there. 

How to Overcome the Feat of Opioid Withdrawal?

Tips for Overcoming Fear of Opiate Detox Symptoms

We have compiled several helpful tips that are designed to help you overcome the fear of withdrawal. Remember that everything in life is temporary and that the gifts of recovery far exceed the short-lived discomfort you will experience when you undergo opioid detox. 

  1. Remember that you have 100%, without a doubt, been through much, much worse in your life already. If you have grappled with active opioid addiction, there is no chance that undergoing withdrawal will be worse than the things you have already experienced. 
  2. Practice breathing exercises in mindfulness meditation before you enter into a program of recovery. Practice calming down your body and your mind so that when the time comes you have the proper tools in place. 
  3. Speak to somebody who has been through the detox process before you. Talking to somebody about their personal experiences will help alleviate stress related to the unknown. If you are unsure of how to find somebody who has already been through the opioid detox process, feel free to reach out to On Call Treatment. Many of our staff members have been exactly where you are right now, and if you feel more comfortable we are happy to point you in the direction of one of our alumni. 
  4. Remember that everything is temporary. We have already mentioned this fact, but we can truly not stress it enough. At very most, opioid withdrawal lasts for approximately two weeks – and that is only if the substance abuse disorder was very severe. In most cases, the symptoms associated with opiate withdrawal will resolve within one week, and even sooner if they’re being closely overseen by a team of medical professionals. 

On Call Treatment – Recovery When You Need It

At On Call Treatment, we offer convenient addiction treatment for opioid abuse and recovery-related advice whenever you need it. We know how scary undergoing opioid withdrawal might seem – especially if you have never experienced the symptoms of withdrawal and you are not sure what to expect. Rest assured that the withdrawal process is extremely short-lived and that the discomfort you experience will be nothing like the acute devastation of active addiction. To learn more, contact us today and our opioid addiction specialists will assist you around the clock.