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Is Shooting Crack Safe?

Is Shooting Crack Safe?

There are different ways you can abuse crack, the majority of crack heads will smoke it or snort it, but some a shooting (injecting) it. How dangerous is this way of using crack?

In today’s society we live in, we want everything bigger, faster and better. The majority of us have to have the biggest and best of everything. We get the latest phone that has all the bells and whistles; we have to have the new one that comes out next year. We are never satisfied with what we have and we go to the extremes with everything. Some of us go to the extremes even the way we party and have fun.  The majority of the population believes we need to have drugs and alcohol to have fun and we even go to the extremes with that. We drink to the point of passing out and use illegal drugs while putting others and ourselves in dangerous situations. 

Is Shooting Crack Safe?

Shooting For A Higher High?

Nearly all drugs can be injected by dissolving pills, powders, or salts into a liquid solution and using a hypodermic needle to get the liquid into a vein. This method is often preferred to ingesting a drug orally because injecting a substance gets it to the brain much faster. The administration of drugs by injection has been the bigger, faster and better way to get that high. The smoking, swallowing and snorting is less preferred because injecting is the quickest and results in the most intense “high”. 

Other methods of administration generally provide a slower onset and a less Intense “rush”. However, these other methods also waste a good amount of the drug being used: when given orally a proportion of the dose may not be absorbed or may be metabolized by the liver before reaching the brain; smoking or vaporization usually destroys some of the drug; nasal inhalation wastes the percentage of the drug that passes down the throat to be absorbed more slowly later.

Shooting Crack as a The Riskiest Way To Misuse

A lot of drugs can be injected one way or another and this goes for one of the most accessible cheaper drugs – Crack. Crack is a crystal form of cocaine that can be smoked. Smoking the drug sends it to the brain very quickly, and gives more of a “rush” than snorting it. The high from crack lasts about five to 10 minutes. Its main intention was to be smoked, but, again, we want more, and by learning ways to make crack injectable, it becomes a quicker way to get high.

Injecting crack is not safe, never will be safe and is the riskiest way to use the drug. People who inject crack cocaine are at a higher risk for dependence, addiction, and overdose. They may also be more prone to infection, blood-borne disease, and STDs. But that’s not all. There are more dangers to shooting crack cocaine.

Many Danger Signs and Symptoms Of Shooting Crack

When an addict has switched over to this form of administration of crack, it is usually a sign of a progression of addiction. Besides being addicted to crack and having a higher chance of overdosing, other major health concerns follow the repeated injection of crack cocaine.

Addicts are usually not in their right mind and don’t think of infection or diseases when they are in the process of getting high, so sharing needles or using unsanitary tools are of very little concern. Unfortunately, this leads to many infectious diseases and viruses such as Hepatitis B & C and HIV.

Besides the viruses, other health issues can evolve with a repeated injection of crack and other drugs. There is damage that can be done to internal organs, of course, but there are many different types of damage a user can do to their skin. This can result from regularly injecting, using potentially tainted needles, or injecting into fat or muscle by accident due to missing the vein and being injected right under the skin called “skin popping.” This can result in a painful lump that could potentially cut off blood flow to the area.

Other skins problems that can arise are:

  • Heavy bruising
  • Abscesses
  • Severe bacterial skin infections like cellulitis
  • Fungal infections

Crack Addiction Help at On Call Treatment Center

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