Do Treatment Centers Offer Online Group Therapy?

Group therapy is a form of treatment where a licensed counselor, therapist, or social worker meets with a group of people for psychotherapy.

Group therapy is a form of treatment where a licensed counselor, therapist, or social worker meets with a group of people for psychotherapy. This group meeting is normally inside a therapist’s office or a treatment center.

The group that meets will usually have common mental health issues or a substance use disorder, but the group is ultimately tailored to fit the needs of the patient. Some of the disorders that can be treated with group therapy can include anxiety, depression, panic disorders, eating disorders, chronic pain, substance use disorders, self-harm, or chronic, long-term, and terminal illnesses.

The purpose of group therapy is to come together and give each other encouragement, advice, and comfort. Members of support groups provide each other with help for a shared, burdensome characteristic. It is a place to share coping strategies, feel more empowered, and form a sense of community.

Do Treatment Centers Offer Online Group Therapy

More About Online Group Therapy

Online group therapy is the same as regular group psychotherapy sessions, however, they occur online instead of in person. Online group therapy has become pretty prevalent and necessary since the Covid-19 pandemic back in 2020. It is much safer, more convenient, and cheaper.

Do Treatment Centers Offer Online Group Therapy?

Online group therapy is offered by a lot of different treatment centers and mental health practices. However, if you are a new person seeking care for a current condition, it is always best to contact the provider to get a list of the services they offer.

Some places may only offer individual psychotherapy sessions which are still a very integral part of any mental health treatment.

Is Online Group Therapy an Effective Form of Treatment?

Online group therapy is a very effective form of treatment and offers several great benefits. Sharing a similar feeling, worry, everyday problem, treatment decision, or even treatment side effects can help a person to feel not so alone. A person has the opportunity to be with others that have a common purpose, so they are likely to understand each other. Participating in an online group therapy session helps:

  • A person feels less judged, isolated, or lonely
  • Reduce depression, anxiety, stress, and fatigue
  • A person talks open and honest about feelings
  • Improve coping skills with challenges
  • Stay motivated to stick to a treatment plan and manage conditions
  • Gain a sense of empowerment, hope, or control
  • Improve understanding of a disease
  • Get practical feedback on treatment options
  • Learn about health, economic, and social resources

When first joining any type of psychotherapy group, an individual may not be comfortable immediately sharing, and that’s okay. Just being able to listen to others share their experiences can be a very beneficial experience. After a time, a person will develop trust and be able to contribute and share their own experiences and ideas.