What Does Ativan Feel Like?

Ativan is a benzodiazepine – a prescription medication commonly used for the treatment of insomnia, anxiety disorders, and seizures. Does it work, and how does it feel to be on this potentially addictive drug?

Ativan is a benzodiazepine – a prescription medication that is most commonly used for the treatment of insomnia, anxiety disorders, and seizures. In some cases, Ativan is given right before a minor surgery as local anesthesia or used to treat the more severe symptoms associated with alcohol withdrawal. The most common use of Ativan is for the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder, also known as GAD. People who are diagnosed with GAD typically experience extreme anxiety and excessive, unexplained worry or fear for six months or longer. it is also common for individuals who suffer from an undiagnosed anxiety disorder to take Ativan from a friend, relative, or acquaintance without a written prescription. Self-medication is common because taking Ativan typically results in the following physical and psychological symptoms:

  • A reduction of stress and anxiety
  • Feeling commonly relaxed
  • A reduction of social anxiety, usually characterized by increased sociability and talkativeness
  • When taken in high doses, feelings of euphoria and extreme pleasure

What is Ativan Used For?

People who take this medication also experience a lack of coordination and feelings of drowsiness and fatigue. For these reasons, it is advised that people who are on this medication do not operate heavy machinery or get behind the wheel of a car. Ativan is considered a highly addictive medication, and physical and psychological dependence are also very common. if you or someone you love has developed an Ativan addiction, you must reach out for professional help – beginning with a medical detox facility. The symptoms associated with Ativan withdrawal can be extremely severe and can be life-threatening if not overseen by a team of medical professionals. 

What Does Ativan Feel Like?

What Does it Feel Like to Be on Ativan?

What exactly does Ativan feel like? On-Call Treatment sat down with an individual who has a personal history of Ativan abuse and asked them several questions about this topic. For anonymity’s sake, we will call this individual Michael B. Being on Ativan can be fun but it can also quickly turn into an Ativan addiction or dependence that requires medical detox follower by on-going treatment.

On Call Treatment First Question:

What first drew you to Ativan, and what was your first experience with Ativan use like?

Michael: I used to get stressed out, just on a day-to-day basis. I didn’t know why, but I would wake up in the morning dreading the day ahead of me. I had a close friend who was prescribed Ativan for epilepsy, and he told me that taking one might help chill me out a little bit. He gave me one of his pills and I immediately felt more relaxed and calm. I wasn’t stressed out, and I felt like I could talk to people without clamming up or getting all sweaty. I like the way I felt, so I asked him for more. Soon I was buying Ativan from someone else who had a prescription, and I was taking between 3 and 4 pills a day. If I stopped taking Ativan at any point in time, I started to feel super sick and even more anxious than before.

On Call Treatment Second Question:

How did you end up entering into a program of recovery, and have you found an alternative method to alleviate your symptoms of anxiety? 

Michael: After a while, my Ativan addiction got bad, and I ended up entering into an outpatient treatment program. It was a dual diagnosis program, and I was able to meet one-on-one with a psychiatrist to prescribe me a non-addictive anti-anxiety medication.  

On-Call Treatment and Ativan Addiction Recovery

At On Call Treatment, we offer a wide range of recovery-related resources in a variety of convenient ways. We understand the drug addiction is a time-sensitive issue, and that in some cases help is needed sooner rather than later. If you have been struggling with an Ativan abuse disorder, or an addictive disorder of any type of severity, we are available to help. Give us a call today for more information or a list of resources in your immediate area.