Intensive Outpatient Program

Our state-of-the-art rehab facility is dedicated to providing an integrated and highly individualized program of intensive outpatient treatment.

On Call Treatment is dedicated to providing an integrated and highly individualized program of intensive outpatient treatment to residents of Massachusetts and all surrounding areas. Because addiction is far from a one-size-fits-all disease, no two recovery programs will look the same. In some cases, a traditional, multi-phased program of clinical care is simply not an option. However, just because attending a three-month-long residential treatment program is not viable, it does not mean that treatment is out of the question.

Our intensive outpatient program provides a higher level of flexibility, allowing clients to return home every evening after undergoing a full day of intensive therapy, life skills training, relapse prevention, and addiction education. We also know that meeting in person is not always an option. In some cases, clients might have dependents that they need to care for full-time or a high-commitment career that requires a greater amount of personal freedom throughout the day. If this is the case, the IOP program at On Call Treatment is likely an ideal choice. 

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Is the Intensive Outpatient Program Right For Me?

While intensive outpatient treatment is more flexible, it still provides a high level of accountability and structure. Clients have access to all of the same services they would have in a traditional residential treatment program, the only difference is they return home every evening and they have a greater amount of personal freedom – meaning, of course, that they have more personal responsibility. Our IOP is likely an ideal choice if you have recently completed a higher level of clinical care, or if you have personal responsibilities that you cannot take an extended break from. To learn more about whether or not intensive outpatient is right for you, reach out to On Call Treatment today. 

The IOP Addiction Treatment Services We Provide

Some of the intensive outpatient services provided by On Call Treatment include: 

  • Individual and group therapy sessions 
  • A high level of family involvement
  • The flexibility to complete treatment in person, virtually, or over the phone
  • Relapse prevention training
  • Life skills training
  • A focus on the development of healthy coping mechanisms
  • Vocational training and educational placement
  • Case Management Services
  • Personalized and long-term aftercare planning
  • Dual diagnosis treatment

During individual therapy sessions, clients work one-on-one with a licensed and experienced therapist who helps them work through personal challenges and develop the skills necessary to maintain long-term sobriety. In group therapy sessions, clients will undergo a wide range of proven therapeutic techniques in a safe and supportive setting. All group sessions are facilitated by a licensed therapist and focus on a variety of pertinent topics.

What Happens in Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

Some of the therapeutic techniques that are commonly employed include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and mindfulness meditation. At On Call Treatment, we believe that the more involved the family is in the treatment process, the more successful the client will be in staying sober long term. Family members can be as involved as they would like, and we offer a wide range of services and resources geared towards helping the loved ones of our clients. 

Let On Call Treatment Help You

At On Call Treatment we believe that reliable and quality clinical care should be available the moment you need it. Active addiction is a matter of life and death in many cases, and there is often no time to wait when it comes to seeking the treatment you need. We know that waiting to get into a medical detox center or going through a traditional residential rehab might not always be the answer, and we are available to provide you with whatever recovery-related services you need the moment you need them. Simply give us a call today for more information.